Bedroom Wall

I have always liked grasscloth wallpaper.  

The above bedroom wall really captures the look we are going for. It is so polished and adult. 

Our masters bedroom's wall? Not so "adult"...

I chucked all the pillows and soft toys on the shelf as we cleared the room. The shelf was pretty handy in a playroom situation however it is was not staying in our bedroom, nor was that sun lamp and eventually those curtains will say sayonara too.  Purging things always feels really good. 

Out the shelving came, in went some wall putty to hide the holes and on the wall went lovely thick vinyl wallpapering:

I wallpapered the wall myself and it took me about possibly around an hour.  Stephen is not to crazy about wallpapering, and as I have never done it before I thought, hell why not? The paper is from B&Q  and it was a paste the wall wallpaper which makes it is super simple. I mixed my glue painted it on the wall, cut my paper to size of the wall and simply adhered the paper to the wall. 

Apologise I should have taken photos of the process, I am really making a habit of the whole don't take photos while you DIY scenarios. I will work on that :) 

Back to the wallpaper. I really love it. And although it is not a grasscloth, it is a thick linen looking vinyl paper so it hides many of the wall's imperfections perfectly :) 

It is really tactile and adds texture without overpowering the room. Stephen was surprised I choose such a tame wallpaper, especially as there was so many lovely flower patterns. But my reasoning is simple: Keep it Simple. My favourite rooms has always been the most simplest of places. Muted and neutral colours that gentle say "warm and cosy" as opposed to screaming "big and bold". 

By the way, those frames are not going on the wall. I wanted to see what the contrast would look like with a black frame.  And so far I am loving the contrast.  I am still unsure what art will live on this wall, so at the moment I am working out  my options. Any suggestions?

Bedroom Budget

We started out with £750.00 to get this room ship shape. So how is our budget doing? 

Wardrobes:    £348.00
Wallpaper:     £ 24.00 (2x rolls)
Paste:             £  5.00
Total:            £377.00

Bedroom Budget:   £750.00

Remainder: + £373.00

Looks like we are about halfway there in our budget.. and it is about that time I start getting nervous lol.

Next steps

Our next steps are:
  • Add some coving aka cornicing to the room (will hide my misaligned wallpaper lengths)
  • Purchase our new curtains and bedding 
  • Add bedside tables
  • Add a nice plush rug
  • Add lighting 
  • Hack our rather bland headboard. 
  • Build in those wardrobes (we have a some ideas on that)

So that is how the room is looking at the moment: bare and mismatched but it is progress. Let's see what next week brings us :)

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Can't wait to see you soon ;) 



  1. Wow, this is going to be inspirational!! I am LOVING it so far. It is crazy, but I was looking at grasscloth in the fall. I love that look.