Blog Design v27846.1

Blog Design v27846.1? That maybe an overstatement.. we are really on version 3 .. (i think?)
As you may have noticed, I have been tweaking bits and pieces of  our site for a few weeks now. In fact, while I was working on our future  blog template, I migrated our blog over to the dynamic blogger template in the interim.  While I do like the dynamic templates, they do, at the best of times, feel pretty soulless and configuring them to any design flavor is a bit of a challenge.

There are still a few more tweaks that I am working on (moving around the about me section to the top.. etc), however I am glad to finally publish the brand shiny new blog design.

The template I used can be found at: . By using a template and  doing a quick reconfigure (I have configured the style and background further), I saved myself over £100+ so I am hand to heart McLoving that!

My background is in graphic and business design however it has been a  good few years (15 yrs to be honest!) since I have touched html/xhtml. Yet after have a bit of a play with the code, it really has interested me to learn a bit more (glad I work among excellent software developers!).Without a doubt this will trigger yet another blog redesign but for now I am liking the simplicity this current user interface is offering.

I will be adding additional pages shortly to the above menu and then get to work  i.e. start getting to work on this house of mine!

Talking about blog content:
 Bedroom update: we have moved into our new room and we are happy for the change! We hit our target of February 14th and while the room is not aesthetically fantastic it does functionally work as a bedroom.  I  will try my best post sometime this week

However, one thing to note: if you are experiencing any issues viewing the site. Please do not hesitate in giving me a shout.

Psst: all DIY & For the Home posts has since migrated to: 

Can't wait to see you soon ;) 



  1. I love the new blog look and girl... can I say, you are smokin' hot in your profile pic. Sorry, just had to say that!!
    So, cannot wait to see pics of the bedroom update. That is a space that I keep talking about doing but it just never gets moved up on my radar. Hopefully you will inspire me.

  2. I think you just made my day lol. That was my quickie selfie for my work email.. (our email has our picture and the one taken by the security team on my first day of work, makes me look like an inmate.) Thankfully my unibrow is undetectable.