Tiny House Movement

With our Spring cleaning around the corner, hand to heart our home is in a state of pure discombobulation.

Honestly how do we gather so many unnecessary and needless things? I am by no means a minimalist but I tell, it is starting to look appealing.

Every year after we do a big house sweep, I honestly feel as though the house just lets out a sigh of relief.

Since we started culling our clothes to put into our new wardrobes, it has really catapult our decluttering marathon. I think we are at the "it is going to get worse before it gets better" phase, don't you just love that phase? (Please reread that line with unreserved sarcasm)

Then the thought hit me... Our current home is pretty small by today's standard and:

didn't we want to double our space by purchasing a new home?Thus amassing more clutter?!

I will need to note this brand new epiphany on our Pro vs Con to move to not move list. 

Downsizing is the new Supersizing 

A trend to downsize is apparently taking hold of many countries such as America, Canada, Australia. The tiny house movement is a movement which finds perfectly sane people who shed off all excesses and simplify their lifestyle by creating a home which is between 150 to 500 square feet in size.

I think a world that is indeed full of excessiveness and which gears itself to a "super size" mentality is very much in need of a movement such as this.  Limiting your house space, not only is friendly to your wallet and kinder to the environment but I bet it really identifies and helps define the true happiness of life.. which I guess in a nut shell is less about "stuff" and more about togetherness.

A fantastic resource I have found  on Tiny Houses is: TinyLife.com. Give it a read when  you can :)

So less stuff + small cosy spaces = happiness?  I think there might be much truth to this.

Tiny but perfectly formed

Tiny these houses may be but they are pretty big on aesthetic! I think they are absolute gems of a property, even more so then their larger counterparts. Living in such a small space really breeds creativity and thoughtful planning. 

Tiny House Layout

A really good example of a tiny house and it's layout was found via google+

 Granted I think she might be bigger than some other tiny homes  but isn't she just beautiful?

Of course each house has it's own layout and style as seen below:

 There is no doubt  something so poetically cathartic about cutting those ties with the excess items in one's life. It sounds crazy but I bet it is very cleansing and freeing. I told Stephen as opposed to buying a newer larger property, lets buy some land and build us a small house. His response? " Bring it on... but I am keeping my LED 3D TV".

Not really the answer I was looking for, but one I could work with.  Can we say Solar Panels? lol

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Can't wait to see you soon ;) 



  1. I love the idea of getting rid of "stuff" and living with less. I am not sure that I could live in a house that small though. I am tall and that kind of space might make me feel claustrophobic. Our home is not large and I love it. Once upon a time I thought about bigger but I am soo glad that we decided to stay here instead. Now, I just cannot imagine bigger.
    That little house would be great in the woods as your get away cabin...ooooohhh... I could deal with that.

    1. Yes! that would be pretty fantastic. Especially in the Scottish Highlands, you got this girl thinking now ;)