Ch Ch Ch Changes...

Hey all!

You will no doubt see a bit of changes in my blog space in the week upcoming weeks. Nothing too major,  just a bit of blog migration.

Image the fish above is my blog  and the empty fish bowl was a new domain name/blog which is in fact:

I have waited  few years for that blogger domain and low and behold one faithful day it shows to be free. Woo Hoo. I am currently migrating all my post to that domain. Yet for reference all my original posts can still be viewed on here, nevertheless all new DIY/Gardening misadventures will be found

So what will happen with this blog?

A bit of rebranding me thinks to: An American, A Broad.... (that is me in a nutshell lol )I intend to use this site as our family and our traveling blog. I had  thought a while about the division and I believe it would really work well for our family. We really enjoy a bit traveling and exploring, we look forward to sharing those misadventures

Blog Followers and Google +

If you do follow our blog and would like to continue reading all the craziness please subscribe  to our new blog

Thanks for all your support over the last few years and hope to see you on our new dual sites. 


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  1. Oh thanks for the heads up. YOu are so good at this kind of thing...I get nervous about changing my blog over anywhere. Good on you!!!